Sunday, March 8, 2009

Easy BBQ

5-8 lbs of meat
2 large bottles BBQ sauce

- Put the meat in your crock pot.
- Cover with 1 entire bottle BBQ sauce.
- Cook on low for 6-10 hours.
- Pull meat out of cooking juices. Shred with fork and add additional BBQ sauce.

- This works well with chicken, pork and beef (I use a pot roast when making BBQ beef).
- My favorite BBQ sauce is Sweet Baby Ray's. I always get great compliments when I use it and have never heard a complaint.
- If you'd like to take a little more time you can cook down the juices with some BBQ sauce and add them back into the meat for a more flavorful sauce.
- Check out your crock pot times less for chicken, more for beef, pork is kind of in the middle.
- This makes a great shredded BBQ for sandwiches, on salads, in wraps and on tacos.

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